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        stem include: collector, current sensor, and the host controller, etc, through introducing the SBUS bus series and data communication with the host controller, the normal work, the train is controlled by the main controller of the collector for each single battery voltage, current, temperature and internal resistance measurement, and record the data to the host controller, through the PC software to download and analysis of data, and master controller also gather and record the total current of battery, the battery when offline, available through the PC power supply for open circuit power measuring and recording

        Input power: DC110V
        Scope: DC 77V ~ 137.5 V
        Voltage measurement accuracy: monomer 0 ~ 3V, error: plus or minus 0.5%
        Internal resistance measurement accuracy: 0 ~ 10000 micro European, error: + + 2 %
        Temperature measurement: - 40 ~ 85 ℃, error: plus or minus 0.5 ℃
        Maximum power: 15W
        Working temperature: - 40 ~ 85 ℃
        Size: 220mm x 204mm x 48mm
        Cooling mode: natural cooling
        Protection level: IP21
        Weight: no more than 1.3 Kg
        Communication interface: USB, Ethernet, MVB, SBUS
        Have current detection function
        It has the fault status output interface and has the wireless transmission function

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