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        This charger will input DC440V dc voltage, convert to output stable and isolated DC440V voltage, supply power to the battery, and the charger can be adjustable in the range of DC184 ~ 460V.

        Input voltage: DC440V
        Input voltage range: DC300V ~ DC520V
        Output voltage: DC440VDC184 ~ 460V adjustable
        Maximum output current: 30A
        Conversion efficiency: greater than 90%
        Overload: 105% ~ 120% rated current
        The input output is isolated and isolated
        Install the car under the load
        Protection grade IP66
        Ambient temperature - 20 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃
        Storage temperature 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃
        Noise < 60dB (to 1m)
        Weight 45 kg or less
        技術支持 英銘科技