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        The device is divided into rectifying part, inverter part, accumulator part and auxiliary part. Three rectifiers constitute the rectifying part, and the rectifier part converts the voltage of the three-phase 4-wire AC400V / 50Hz of the auxiliary power to a stable DC55V, which supplies the battery part and the inverter. Two inverters constitute the inverter part, and the inverter part converts DC55V voltage to single-phase AC220V to load power. When the battery is not output in the rectifying unit, the accumulator is supplied to the inverter to ensure that the inverter will output the AC220V continuously. The system can be switched to bypass power supply by switching the circuit breaker.

        Rectifying section
        Input voltage: AC220V
        Input voltage range: AC90V ~ AC290V
        Output voltage: DC55V
        Output voltage range: dc42v-dc58v
        Rated power: 1500W
        Output current: 27A
        Conversion efficiency: greater than 90%
        Overload: 105% ~ 110% rated current
        The input output is isolated and isolated
        Inverter part
        Rated input voltage DC55V
        Voltage range 40 ~ 59VDC
        Output voltage single phase AC220V plus or minus 5% (sine wave)
        The output frequency is 50Hz plus or minus 1%
        Rated power 2000W
        Rated output current 9A
        Conversion efficiency is greater than 85%
        The harmonic content is less than 3%.
        The battery part
        The total energy of 2.88 kWh
        Rated capacity of 60Ah (double circuit power supply)
        Nominal voltage 48V (3.2 V x 15 series)
        Maximum working voltage 54V (3.6 V x 15 series)
        The working range of SOC is 10%~100%
        Maximum charging current maximum charging current
        Maximum discharge current 85A
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