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        The power will input dc DC750V by input inductance, pre-charging circuit and supporting capacitance to supply three phase inverter bridge circuit. The modulation voltage of the PWM is generated by IGBT inverter bridge which controls the inverter part when the external control signal is given. The three-phase PWM wave voltage has been filtered by the sine wave to output stable three-phase 380V / 50Hz sine wave, which can power the air compressor of subway vehicles.

        Enter the main voltage DC750V
        Main voltage fluctuation range dc500v-dc1000v
        Input control voltage DC110V
        Control voltage fluctuation range dc77v-dc137v
        2.1.2 output characteristics
        Output voltage AC380V plus or minus 5%
        The output frequency is 50Hz plus or minus 1Hz
        Rated output current 35A
        Output waveform sine wave
        Waveform distortion factor < 5%
        Output voltage du/dt < 500V/mu s
        2.1.3 other
        Start mode V/f = C soft start
        The start-up time is less than 5s (only the first time),
        Frequency conversion start time is not greater than 5s
        The efficiency of 90% or higher
        The cooling method naturally cools
        Noise is less than 65dB (1 meter).
        Overload capacity output current 40A / 2Min, 50A / 30S, 70A/immediately
        Install the bottom of the car
        Operating temperature 25 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃
        Storage temperature - 10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃
        Relative humidity is less than 95%
        Cooling natural cooling
        Protection grade IP65
        Weight 120 kg or less
        Dimensions: 710 x 410 x 630 (L * W * H), unit: mm
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