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        This product is mainly used in the subway air conditioning system. It is used in ac main circuit ac power loss, and provides power supply to air conditioning fan to maintain good ventilation condition Inverter is to provide battery of DC110V three-phase inverter dc voltage into a fan need AC340V / 45 hz ac voltage, inverter apparatus with automatic detection function, under normal circumstances inverter by vehicles in circuit breaker control system and dc bus connected to the input power but not the output voltage. In vehicle air conditioning control unit under the condition of ac power failure, inverter after the launch of the signal received from the vehicle control system, the output three-phase ac voltage, fan in an air conditioning unit as provided to vehicle power supply, ensure the vehicle passenger compartment or driver indoor ventilation requirements.

        1.1 main electrical parameters
        Input voltage: rated DC110V low voltage DC77V high voltage DC137.5 V
        Input voltage source: battery
        Output voltage: rated AC340V
        Output frequency: rated 45Hz
        Output power: rated 2.4 kW
        Output capacity: rated 3.5kVA
        Output voltage waveform: sine wave
        1.2 environmental and mechanical conditions
        Ambient temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃
        Relative humidity: less than 95% (no dew)
        Protection level: IP65
        Cooling mode: natural air cooling
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